1. Teachers need to keep an open journal about everything that goes on in their classrooms pertaining to the project. In other words, the interaction with the author is only part of what you're writing about. Describe the activity in the classroom, the assignment, take photos. There is no set length to an entry. You can put in notes to jog your memory to fill in at a later time. We need as complete a record as possible.

2. The latest journal entry is at the top of a teacher's page. All entries must be dated. The chronological sequence is from the bottom up.

3. Other people can comment on entries of individual teachers on the discussion tabs for their pages. That's a place for asking questions. You can notice activity on your discussion tabs from the number next to it. Pay attention to your discussion tab on your own page. Some comments are probably not being noticed.

The writings about the first student ivc with Jason's and Chris' classes and Dorothy are very informative and exciting. Everyone should see them right off the bat, not have to hunt for them in a discussion string. So after you've done an ivc, please post your thoughts, insights, and report on your own page. Try and put it at the top so the latest post is the one everyone sees. In other words, the string should read like an email string with the oldest writing at the bottom. At some point all the writings will be collated into a major report and it would be helpful to have some consistent guidelines as to how we all post.

Our ideas on using this wiki are evolving. Today 10/10/11 you received a letter on how some protocols for using the wiki. They are posted again here:

1. Use your page as your own personal blog to record your experiences as we move along. To add to your own page click on the “edit” tab and don’t forget to hit “save” when you’re done. Others will comment on your page by clicking on the “Discussion” tab on your page, not on the “edit” tab. So all the writing on your page will be from you. The “Discussion” posts are like comments on a blog.

2. As you read an author’s book, you may have questions you would like to ask the author. Here’s your chance. Go to the author’s page and click on the “Discussion” tab to ask your question.

3.Myra is a great resource for classroom strategies. If you have questions for her, go to her “Discussion” tab.Myra can publish FAQs and their answers on her page. Note:Myra has already read all the books you’re using.

4. You can keep track of changes to the wiki:
  • Click on the “Manage Wiki” tab on the left.
  • Under “Tools” click on the “notifications” tab.
  • Choose what you want to be notified of. I am notified of all changes on the wiki by email and it comes up in my RSS feed on my home page.
  • If you just want to keep track of the changes to your own page, click on the “notify me” tab on your page and follow the directions.
  • Videos and photos can also be uploaded to your pages. Not quite sure how to do this but we’ll figure it out. Heidi is good at this sort of thing.
5. If you wish to comment on another person's writing on their page, click on the "Discussion" tab and enter your comment. The number next to the word "Discussion" on the tab, indicates the number of discussion topics on the page. When you go to the discussion page, you'll see the number of views for each discussion topic
6. If you want to see how a page has changed, or if something is inadvertently edited or deleted, click on the “history” tab. You can go back and restore it.
7. If you want to add a picture, at the top of the home page, click on the tab that says “my account.” Here you can fill in your profile and upload a picture that will indentify you on all your discussion


If you make any edits be sure to click 'SAVE" before you leave the page.