When the idea of being a part of "Author's on Call" was first introduced, I was very confused as to what we were being asked to do. I am an "end result" type of thinker, so I immediately asked, "What is the end result? What will the kids be doing? What is expected of me?" As I continue down my own educational road, I realize that not everything has an end result, but that learning can be a journey with its own twists and turns, ups and downs, and stops along the way, and may not ever have a definitive END.

I am looking forward to taking this journey with my fellow colleagues and Ms. Siy. I look forward to being a part of a new adventure and showing my students how I am trying new things and learning on a daily basis, all of which I ask them to do everyday.

I do come back to the question, "What will the end of this project look like?" every once in a while, but am preparing myself for the answer, "We just don't know yet. Let's see how this goes."

January 26, 2012

We met with Alexandra SIy today. What a neat experience. She talked to the children about inspiration and shared where the ideas for many of her books came from. What I liked the most about today's "visit" was that what she shared and talked to the children about, the children could relate to. Being inspired by travel, questions, family, living life, are all strategies that we use in school to come up with ideas for our own writing.

I think the children were impressed with being a part of this experience. Tomorrow, we will spend some time discussing what was shared today and seeing how we can use Alexandra's strategies for coming up with ideas of what to write about to help us shape our own for writing our feature articles.

February 1, 2012

Jessica gave her class the writing prompt "Alexandra Siy is..." Below is the first line of each student's response:

Alexandra Siy is………

a writer that likes to write about science and very different things.
a descriptive writer.
a nonfiction writer.
a writer that uses “mini stories” that pull the reader in.
a type of writer that likes to write about nature, biology, science, space and much more.
the kind of writer who makes it easy for anyone to understand her writing.
a fantastic writer who has written many great stories.
a great writer.
a nonfiction writer who mixes stories with nonfiction.
a writer who writes nonfiction books.
an author who writes easy to read science books.
a writer of nonfiction.
very inspirational.
a scientific author.
a writer who enjoys writing about science and nature.
an author who puts suspense in her books.
a descriptive writer

March 8, 2012
Today, we had our second Skype session with Mrs. Siy. I really am enjoying being able to work with someone who has gone through the processes that we are teaching our students. Today's topic was about research - where to start, what to think about, and what to do once we know what we need to know.

Initially, this experience was supposed to focus on a book Alexandra has written, but I feel as though the students are getting so much more out of this by learning about what it means to be an author rather than just focusing on one subject/topic. Mrs. Siy has been very flexible in working with us and adjusting what was the initial plan into something that is turning out to be meaningful and beneficial to the students as they learn what it means to be a writer.