September 16, 2011

I've come to learn that trusting an author is just as important as trusting your doctor or dentist. A reader must believe not only what is written on the page, they need to also believe who is writing on the page. The idea of "knowing" an author and trusting in his work is an important step as students begin to navigate the world of books. Authors on Call just feels like a great way for children to begin fostering a relationship with the writer and not just the writing.

I often teach students to find an author they just love, then to read and read and read. Authors on Call will allow my students face-to-face time with an author they have just studied, and give them the opportunity to connect with them beyond the written words.

I find this exciting, innovative and full of possibility.
Bring it on!

October 17, 2011

I just recently read an article which argued that, in many classrooms today, nonfiction is often looked at as the neglected stepsister to fiction reading. Yet in life, most of our reading is attached to nonfiction texts of some sort.

I have "virtually" met my author, David Schwartz, and I look forward to helping strengthen those nonfiction reading, writing and researching muscles of my students.
My colleague and I are unsure whether we will dive into David's book during our nonfiction reading/writing units of study, or during our science inquiry into animals and their habitats. No matter when we start, a few things will be guiding our thinking and learning.
"Knowers"in the world devour books and hold onto information, then turn around and teach others what they know.

Looking forward to learning and sharing!
I am sure our work together will lead us in a good direction.