Jan 4, 2011

I am excited to "speak" with Roz about my illustration project with my class (Julie's class). Most of us are coming at this from an author's point of view, but given my art specialty, I am looking forward to the kids getting some first hand information from, and exposure to, an illustrator.
Decisions about what to illustrate, how, the medium(s) used...these are the parts that I find really exciting. Illustrations can do so much to help a young reader gain a better understanding of what the author is communicating.

As a young reader, I could always tell when the illustrator hadn't read the book, and it was such a let down. Sometimes, I even made my own illustrations and stuck them in my books. :)

I want my students to think about how they can enrich their own writing by the images they choose to include-or not. The class I am working with has iPads at their disposal, and I also want to look into doing some digital illustration with drawing apps. I am really looking forward to this!