June 12, 2012,

Hi again!

I want to thank you so much for your hard work, dedication and flexibility. Yesterday's Skype session was amazing and the children are still talking about Vietnam.

I especially enjoyed how you related your book to our immigration unit. We have been studying the different reasons why people immigrated to America and your book portrayed the immigration experience in a different way. Thank you once again!

Take care,


June 11, 2012

Hi Janelle, Pat, and Heather,

I very much enjoyed visiting with your students this morning. They were attentive and had such great questions. I hope they wanted to see a few more pictures in the book. I also hope they will look at the faces of new citizens in our country and think about why they wanted to come specifically to this country.

All best,

Hi Janelle,

I'm ready to work with you. Wednesday and Thursday of next week aren't good, but we can set up a time Monday, Tuesday, or Friday. I'm on Central Time. I live in Kansas City. If you'll suggest a couple times that work for you, I'll respond immediately so we can set this up. If you want to communicate with me via e-mail, I'm at awkansas@aol.com.

My understanding is that you're going to use "Escape From Saigon." Is that right? Assuming you've read it, you know that it deals with some tough issues. A few include abandoned children, the suicide of a parent (not to mention that Long's mother had previously tried to give him away), racial prejudice, hunger, orphanages, and the terrors of war. Long is an endearing character and I beleive your students will feel attached to him and root for him. He is also very lucky, for he finds a loving family in the United States. But it will be clear to your students that this does not happen to every war orphan. We can discuss how to address some of these issues.

Best regards,

Hi, Andrea!

Pat, Heather and I are going to start reading your book now that we are finishing our Immigration unit of study in Social Studies. We were hoping to set a date to chat with you via Skype about our end of the year visit! Let us know!!


Hello Bogert Staff!

I’m delighted to be part of our collaboration to bring nonfiction authors into your classrooms as you teach our books. Along with my fellow authors, I look forward to working with you and your students.

I write nonfiction history through the eyes and experiences of young people who lived it. Readers become involved with my characters on a personal level and feel as if they are with them. This gives history an immediacy that brings it alive for even reluctant students.

I am eager to visit your classroom and talk to your students about my books, about children and their role in history, and about writing nonfiction.

See you soon,
Andrea Warren