Amy's Page


The students who qualify for enrichment at Bogert come to me in small groups. They are already strong readers who have strong thoughts about what they read. The small group setting allows them to talk and think well about books with like-minded peers. Part of the curriculum involves reading the writings of ancient philosophers as well as other great works of literature. The students learn to develop and articulate their own points of view based on a personal interpretation of the text. We work on developing thoughtful, lively, rigorous discussions about what we read. We work on speaking well in a group, defending our arguments, and agreeing and disagreeing constructively. It would only enhance their learning if we could actually hear from the authors themselves who could answer questions and challenge them to think even deeper than they already are. I am looking forward to the project. The only reservations I have are with scheduling (I have many small groups spread out over three days), and technology failing at the wrong time.